15 April 2020
15 April 2020,

Pipa, also known as the Chinese Lute will be the main discussion point for our 4th Facebook live!

1. Comparison Shanghai and Beijing Pipa

We first made a quick comparison of the characteristics of a Shanghai Pipa and a Beijing Pipa.

Shanghai Pipas would mean Pipas made in Shanghai and Beijing Pipas would mean Pipas made in Beiijng.

Shanghai Pipas and Beijing Pipas have their own unique tonal characteristics.

We took one of our Pipas by Shanghai Dunhuang and compared it to a Pipa by Beijing maker Qiu Ting Yu.

Our collegue Biyu played a couple of extracts on the 2 Pipas. She played some slow passages, some fast passages as well as an intense passage.

From what we hear, the Shanghai Pipa tends to have a brighter and sharper tone, while the Beijing Pipa has a rounder and deeper tone. The Beijing Pipa also has slightly more sustain and resonance.

2. Introduction of 3 Pipas by Beijing maker Qiu Ting Yu

With that out of the way, we then have a closer look at the recent Pipas that came made by renowned Beijing Pipa maker, Qiu Ting Yu.

The first Pipa we did a demo of is made of Hong Huali.

Concert Hong Hua Li Pipa by Qiu Ting Yu
Concert Hong Hua Li Pipa by Qiu Ting Yu

The Pipa feels light in weight, approximately 3.5kg. The sound and tone of the Pipa is clean, bright and is definitely sensitive to touch.

The Hong Huali Pipa has a dyed finish, which means it has a layer of vanish at the back; allowing easier maintenance of the Pipa.

The price of this Pipa is $1300. Click here for more information.

The second Pipa that we introduced is one made of premium Rosewood.

Similarly to the Hong Hua Li Pipa, this pipa weighs at 3.5kg. With a different kind of wood used, the result is that the tone of the Pipa is deeper and it has greater resonance.

The wood is dyed with a nice warm brown color that gives it a classy look.

The price of this Pipa is S$2100. Click here for more information.

The 3rd pipa that we demoed is also made of premium Rosewood.

Premium Rosewood Pipa by Qiu (Undyed)
Premium Rosewood(Undyed) Pipa by Qiu Ting Yu

The difference between this and the previous premium Rosewood is that the wood is undyed. You can clearly see the beautiful natural grains of the wood used.

As expected, this Pipa is the heaviest of the 3, weighing at 4.5kg. The sound is richer, brighter and the sustain of the instrument is really good as well.

It has a big dynamic range, meaning it can go very soft, as well as very loud.

The price of this pipa is S$3300. Click here for more information.

3. Introduction of high end Pipa bag by Jiayue

Pipa is generally a heavy instrument. So to better bring the instrument around, we bring you the Jiayue Enamel Leather Pipa Bag.

It comes in 3 gorgeous colours: black, wine red and brown.

Classic Brown

The dimension of the bag measures 102cm x 34 cm x 5cm and fits all pipas.

It has a sturdy exterior that is waterproof and has ample internal padding to cushion your pipa from any accidental knocks.

You can carry it by hand or sling it over your shoulder.

4. Pipa solo performance – Dragon Boat.

Finally, we end off the session with a Pipa Solo piece titled Dragon Boat.

It is a classic piece that showcases the techniques unique to the pipa.

It borrows from traditional wind, percussion and string Chinese instruments to depict traditional racing of the Chinese dragon boats during traditional Chinese festival.

We have trimmed the session and posted it on youtube. Watch below if you have missed our Live! #4.

Do stay tuned to more fun every Friday, 5pm on our Facebook or Instagram!

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  1. Wayne Katsikaris says:

    In love with The Pipa. A wonderful idea going live. She is such an Incredible player. Thank you.

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