14 September 2014
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14 September 2014,

The Chinese Zhongruan is much more versatile instrument than many others think. It is shaped like a lute and has 4 thick strings. Use it to strum a chord or pick a melody.

If you are considering to take up this fantastic instrument, here’s 5 reasons why you should:

1) Zhongruan is a very versatile instruments

You can play traditional Zhongruan solo pieces on it or you can play chords and arpeggios like you would on a guitar.

2) Zhongruan has a mellow voice tone that sounds like someone humming

It’s always cool when your instrument sounds like a human.

3) You will not face pitch problem like the Erhu

Zhongruan is a fretted instrument. Hence you will not face pitch problems like the Erhu, well, unless the frets are out of tune in the first place.

4) Zhongruan strings will not break easily and can be tuned easily

Zhongruan strings are quite strong and sturdy and do not break easily. Most of them use bronze tuners hence you can tune it easily unlike the Erhu.

5) You can easily play the Xiaoruan, Gaoyinruan and Daruan as well.

The Ruan family consists of Gaoyinruan, Xiaoruan, Zhongruan and Daruan. Once you are familiar with the Zhongruan, you can easily pick up the rest of the instruments in the Ruan family.


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(Stay tuned for 5 reasons why not to learn the zhongruan)

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