Guzheng Enrichment Programme

Guzheng is a relative easy instrument to learn for primary school students.

The instrument is tuned in a pentatonic way, and all you have to do to make a nice sound is to pluck the strings.

The students will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Guzheng.

They will learn how to put on the nails and basic techniques.

Throughout the course, they will be able to learn to play a few simple songs.

Students can be exposed to Chinese culture which hopefully will spark their interest in Chinese.

The instructors can also pick out potential students to join the Guzheng ensemble.

Suitable for:
- Schools who already have an existing Guzheng ensemble (the logistics will already be in place)
- Schools who are looking to form a Guzheng ensemble (we can provide 40 Guzheng loan sets

- You need to have 40 Guzhengs in your school setup in a music room.
- The room practically cannot be used for other activities until the enrichment ends.
- Loan sets are available

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