Chow Sok Mun, from Kluang, Malaysia. She started learning the piano at the age of 6 and attained her ABRSM Piano in the year 1999 and Theory Grade 6 in the year 2000. At age of 13, Chow was introduced to the Pipa and was under the tutelage of Mr Pang Chin Soon. While studying, Chow actively participated in school performances and competitions. Chow participated in a well-remarked and largest scale Chinese Orchestra concert at Sabah in the year 2001 "Symphony below the Wind" together with her school orchestra. She was also the associate Pipa section leader for the concert.

Chow participated in the 5th in-school Chinese Instrumental Competition (Solo) Malaysia and emerged as the first prized winner in the solo Pipa category in the year 2002. Chow took the Pipa grade 7 and 8 grading examinations held by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and the China Central conservatory of music in the years 2003 and 2004 respectively. She also clinched a 2nd runner up in the 2004, the 6th Taiping Hua Lian Chinese Instrumental Competition (Solo) Malaysia in Perak and started her tutelage under Singapore Chinese Orchestra Pipa principal, Miss Yu Jia. Under the careful guidance of Miss Yu, Chow got a distinction for her Pipa grade 9 grading examinations held by NAFA and the China Central conservatory of music in 2005. In the same year, Chow was also awarded the 1st runner up as well as an outstanding award within the plucking section in the Chinese Instrumental Competition (Solo) Malaysia. In the year 2009, Chow was awarded the champion of plucking section in the Chinese Instrumental Competition (Solo) Malaysia.

After being encouraged by Miss Yu, Chow entered the Diploma in Music (Performance) course in NAFA as a Pipa major in 2006. She was also awarded the Singapore Tuition Grant by the Singapore government and therefore, successfully completed her diploma in 2009. Within the year 2007, Chow scored well and got into the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra as the 2nd high scorer in the Pipa section. She is also actively involved in the music circle in Singapore participating in concerts such as the Jeff Chang concert in Singapore and Adam Cheng's performance accompaniment. Chow is currently a graduated diploma student of NAFA (Dip in Music), majoring in Pipa. She is now conduct plucking section in Outram Secondary School. She is currently teaching in Singapore and Malaysia.

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