Eason Beginner Guzheng Class – Module 1

The class fees for Guzheng Beginner Group Class - Module 1 covers 8 sessions of 60 minutes each in a group class.

The Chinese Guzheng has always been popular among music lovers. The cascading sound when you run your fingers over the strings just brings you to another place. It is a very fun instrument to play, and start sounding good right away! Hence it is an easy instrument to pick up for the young and old.

Learn from our young and talented guzheng teachers, who will teach you the correct and proper way of playing the guzheng right from the start!

Through our proprietary learning materials and multimedia, students will have a fun and enjoyable time learning the guzheng together with a group of guzheng enthusiasts.

So sign up for the Eason Beginner Guzheng Class - Module 1 now!

Beginner Guzheng Class - Module 1

  • Number of Lessons: 8
  • Duration of Lesson: 60min
  • Inclusive of: Registration, Materials, GST

What you will learn?

At the end of the beginner Guzheng class, you would have learned:

  • The history and anatomy of the Guzheng
  • Proper way of wearing Guzheng nails
  • Various plucking techniques of the right hand
  • How to do slides / portamento
  • Building ensembleship (playing together in a group)
  • How to read scores
  • Basic theory of music
  • ...And a slew of interesting songs and tunes like Mo Li Hua(茉莉花)、Kang Ding Qing Ge(康定情歌)、Ju Hua Tai(菊花台) etc!

Instructor Wang Hong Ying

Instructor Wang Hong Ying

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Guzheng Class Information

114 Lavender St, CT Hub 2 #02-66 Singapore 338729
Group Size
Min: 3, Max: 5
60 minutes per session

SGD$226.85 - 8 lessons
(Inclusive of registration and materials)

Upcoming Classes (Start Date)

3rd June ~ 22nd July. Click here for our Guzheng individual classes.

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Do I need to bring a Guzheng to class?
Of course not! We will provide the Guzhengs during class.
Do I need to buy one at home then?
You can either buy one or rent one from us at $50 a month.
Do you sell Guzhengs?
Yes! We are probably the largest Guzheng retailer in Singapore. Students of Eason Music will enjoy a 5% discount. Click here to view our selections of Guzheng.
If I miss a lesson, will there be a make up?
Unfortunately, there will be no make up. The instructor will send you some information on what was taught during the lesson.
Are the classes conducted in English or Chinese?
It will be predominantly conducted in Chinese.

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