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This section talks about slides and tonguing techniques, as well as folk songs Jasmine flower, Lan Hua Hua and Xian Qi Ni De Gai Tou Lai".
This video is a demonstration of the piece, "Mo Li Hua".
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Try the Xindi for its low and mellow tone.!
Xindis are Dizis that are longer and lower in pitch. It needs a bit of finger stretch as the finger holes are located further apart from each other, but nothing you cannot handle at this point of time.
Concert Grade Low G Key Dizi by Xie Bing
Dizi by Hangzhou maker Xie Bing. Highly recommended by Dizi maestro Zhan Yong Ming.
Exquisite Low B flat Key Dizi by Dong Xue Hua
These are the preferred Dizis of professional Dizi players in China and represents the best quality Dizis to come from China.
Watch Lessons 17 to 20 Below
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Lesson 17: Commonly used techniques - slide
This video talks about the use of slides.
Lesson 18: Demonstration of the piece "Lan Hua Hua"
This video is a demonstration of the piece, "Lan Hua Hua".
Lesson 19: Commonly used techniques - tonguing
This video talks about tonguing techniques.
Lesson 20: Demonstration of the piece "Xian Qi Ni De Gai Tou Lai"
This video is a demonstration of the piece, "Xian Qi Ni De Gai Tou Lai".
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