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This section gives an introduction and assembly of Dizi, its posture and position, breathing techniques and articulation.
Watch this video for an introduction of the Dizi.
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Amazing Dizis to make you sound awesome!
A good Dizi not only plays better, the intonation and tone is also better. Check out two of our premium C key Dizis.
Premium C key Dizi by Dong Xue Hua
These are the preferred Dizis of professional Dizi players in China and represents the best quality Dizis to come from China.
Premium C key Dizi by Ng Teck Seng
Designed after decades of research in the field of dizi-making, this is a premium grade flute in the key of C by Ng Teck Seng.
Watch Lessons 2 to 5 Below
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Lesson 2: Assembly of Dizi and Dimo
This video talks about the assembly of the Dizi and how to paste the Dimo.
Lesson 3: Posture, hand position, embouchure
This video talks about the correct ways of maintaining posture, hand position and embouchure
Lesson 4: Breathing techniques
This video talks about the proper breathing techniques.
Lesson 5: Articulation exercises
This video provides you with some articulation exercises.
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