Q: Does guzheng wood matter?

A: Yes. There are many types of wood used in the construction of a guzheng. Our store sells guzhengs made of paulownia wood, huali wood (fragrant rosewood), rosewood, premium rosewood, aged rosewood, violet rosewood, sandalwood and rose sandalwood.

The older and more seasoned the wood, the better the tone. Lower-end models are often constructed with huali wood and possess a sweet feel. Aged rosewood is a recommended wood of choice for the average guzheng player, as it creates a mellow, sweet and rich tone. Buyers with greater budgets should look out for violet sandalwood models, which possess a clear, sweet and precise tone.

However, it should be noted that the board of a guzheng is as important as the type of wood used, as well. A guzheng made of high-quality wood but with an inferior board will not sound as good as one made of regular wood.

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