27 December 2014
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27 December 2014,
So you’ve finally decided to buy a guzheng for yourself or somewhile after all this while. Its quite straightforward if you are located in Singapore, where you can just visit our shop, have a look and try at the Guzhengs and have a talk with our Guzheng consultants to find out what is the best Guzheng for you.

However, if you are located at the other side of the world, without a shop that sells Guzheng, a thousand questions must be racing through your mind on how to buy a Guzheng online and have it shipped to you.

What if I get a Guzheng that is defective? How will the Guzheng be shipped? What kind of service are you using? How do you pack them? What do I get when I get the Guzheng?

In this blog post we will show you the behind the scenes of what happens when you place an order with us at our online store.  It will allay most of your fears when buying a Guzheng online with us.

Step 1: Choose a Guzheng at Eason Music Store

Go to our Guzheng online store and choose a Guzheng.

Overwhelmed by the selections? All the Guzhengs that we sell will sound good so just sort by price, and pick a design that is within your budget.

Step 2: Check out and make payment

After you have selected your Guzheng, just add to cart and click checkout. Follow the check out process. Choose the shipping option – Guzheng Shipping (1 piece via TNT).

The latest rates are as follows: USA & Canada – US$278, Australia & New Zealand – US$155, United Kingdom – US$287, Indonesia – US$95.

Step 3: Setup and testing

Once we receive your order, your Guzheng will be checked by either of our staff below:

Roy Ng from Eason Music


They will setup the bridges, tune the Guzheng and check that everything is ok with the Guzheng.  Afterwhich, they will mark the positions of the Guzheng bridges on the soundboard with something easily removable, and remove the Guzheng bridges.  You would not want the Guzheng bridges to be on the Guzheng during shipping as that will damage the Guzheng.

The Guzheng bridges are numbered and will be placed in a styrofoam box like this together with other goodies like the tuning tool, Guzheng nails etc.


Guzheng bridges


Step 4: Packing and sending the Guzheng

With the bridges removed, the Guzheng, its soft casing and the bridges will be put in a hard cardboard box with styrofoam protecting the Guzheng all round and subsequently strapped.  The stands for the Guzheng will be in a smaller box as shown.  The shipping courier, will be called to pick up the packages.

The dimensions of the packed Guzheng are:
170cm x 40cm x 22cm (10kg)
The dimensions of the Guzheng stands are:
64cm x 41cm x 13cm (3.5kg)

Guzheng Packaging

Step 5: Receiving and unpacking the Guzheng

After the Guzheng is shipped, you should get the Guzheng after a short wait of 5-7 days.  On some occasions, your country’s customs might call you and require you to pay some taxes and duties before they release the item to you.

When the item is safe and sound at your home, you can unpack the Guzheng from the box.  Place the Guzheng bridges on the Guzheng, following the numbering on the bridges and the markings on the soundboard.  Open the stands and place the Guzheng on top of the stands.  The higher stand should be on the right and the lower stand should be on the left.

Inside the Guzheng you will find an instructional booklet with some Guzheng basics as well as how to tune the Guzheng.  The most commonly used tuning is D tuning.

Guzheng Instruction Booklet


The strings have been pre-tuned before shipping so you should not need to tune it drastically after slipping the bridges under the strings.

Fine-tune the Guzheng and you are ready to rock and roll!

Should you need assistance in choosing your Guzheng or anything else, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Otherwise, check out our Guzheng store here now!

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