Hulusi – Chinese Wind Instrument

The Hulusi is a unique Chinese instrument that is likened to the recorder, but with a head that is shaped like a gourd. An easy instrument to pick up, the hulusi has a special timbre that sounds smooth, and is easily identifiable.

5 Reasons To Learn The Hulusi:
  • Very unique tone
  • Very easy to play
  • Very light to carry around
  • Looks unique
  • Does not cost a lot

Check out our introductory Hulusi video below:

5 Reasons Not To Learn The Hulusi:
  • Limited range of notes
  • Does not have the Fa and Ti notes (unless you do a half hole)
  • Reeds inside are fragile
  • Limited volume
  • Usually comes in C and Bb keys only

Online Hulusi Lessons Progression Chart

Below is a learning progression chart for our online Hulusi lessons based on the NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination.

If you'd prefer to have a lesson scheme not centered around a progressive exam syllabus, you can let our instructors know and they will come up with something that is both fun and rewarding for you.

Beginner Hulusi Lessons

This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 1 repertoire:
葫芦丝真可爱 (Adorable Hulusi), 男儿当自强 (Man of determination), 小星星 (Twinkle twinkle littler star)

Grade 2 repertoire:
儿童歌谣联奏 (Children’s folk medley), 婚誓 (Marriage vows), 生日快乐 (Happy birthday), 苏珊娜 (Oh Suzanna), 苗家姑娘过山来 (Hmong lady comes to the mountain)

Grade 3 repertoire:
京剧曲牌 (工尺上) (Jing Ju QU Pai- Gong Chi Shang), 葬花吟 (The girl buying flower), 朝鲜民歌联奏 (Korean folk song medley), 星星索 (The song of boat)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Intermediate Hulusi Lessons

This stage is for Grade 4-6 (Based on NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 4 repertoire:
美丽的神话 (Beautiful myth) , 丹戎加东 (Di Tanjong Katong), 新加坡啦 (Singapura), 草原上升起不落的太阳 (The never setting sun on the grassland)

Grade 5 repertoire:
阿瓦人民唱新歌 (Singing of Wa people), 拉沙沙央 (Rasa Sayang), 采蘑菇的小姑娘 (The little girl who pick mushrooms), 印度民歌 (Indian Folk song)

Grade 6 repertoire:
月光下的凤尾竹 (Fernleaf hedge bamboo in the moonlight), 月夜 (Moonlight night), 美丽的金孔雀 (Beautiful golden peacock), 小微 (Xiao Wei)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

Advanced Hulusi Lessons

This stage is for Grade 7-8 (Based on NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination).

Grade 7 repertoire:
其实你不懂我的心 (You know nothing about my heart), 湖边的孔雀 (Peacock at the lake side), 风中的葫芦 (Bottle gourd in the wind), 傣妹 (Dai Mei)

Grade 8 repertoire:
关东情 (Feelings for Guandong), 节庆欢歌 (Joyful song of the festival), 断桥残月 (Waning moon by the broken bridge), 竹林深处 (Deep in the bamboo forest)

*Progress depends on individual's efforts*

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