Looking for a wedding live band for your small and intimate Chinese wedding?

You do not want the run of the mill wedding live band singing of lovey dove songs and a normal western string orchestra is too bland for you?

How about a Chinese music ensemble with traditional Chinese music instruments?

Imagine a wedding dinner at a cosy Chinese restaurant with the luscious cascading sounds of Guzheng, crystal clear bird chirping of the Dizi or the emotive tones of the Erhu, serenading your guests while they enjoy their sumptuous dinner. Nothing too noisy, nothing too over the top.

If you want a joyous mood to your wedding, they can also play traditional Chinese classics to give that festive ambience for the occasion. It's a happy occasion anyway!

Worried that it might sound too “Cheena" or "Ching Chong”? Not to worry, our music is specially arranged to sound classy and cool and our musicians are specially selected to make sure they can carry it well.

So if you are thinking of a wedding live band, hire our Chinese music ensemble and add a touch of class and ambience to your wedding. Read our FAQ below for more information

Chinese ensemble wedding gig

What is it most suitable for?
- Intimate / private weddings at
- Chinese restaurant
- Cocktail Reception
- Ambient music over dinner
What sound system requirements do you need?
Microphones on a microphone stand
- Traditional Chinese Classics
- Chinese pop
- English pop
Will it sound too Chinese?
Our performers are specially selected to make sure they sound classy and elegant. Our music is also specially arranged to make sure the instruments carry the song well.

Looking for a performance? Please click here for some frequently asked questions or drop us an enquiry at the box below for rates and video samples!

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