East Meets West

Looking for something unique and different for your wedding or corporate events? Sick and tired of the usual strings quartet or live band?

Introducing our very own East meets West Ensemble.

What are we?

Imagine the groovy beat of a Cajon together with lustrous strums of a guitar forming the backbone of the live music. In the front seat playing the melodies and harmonies are the Pipa (Chinese lute), Erhu (Chinese strings) and Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute). These 3 instruments have their own unique and distinctive tone and them playing together brings the music to another level.

Who are we?

We are a group of music instructors who have majored and performed in our respective instruments for many years. Most important of all, we are not a motley crew of performers that come together at the very last music to put up a show. We have been playing music together for a long time and it shows in the tightness of our music.

What do we play?

We play all kinds of genre of music like English and Chinese pop, oldies, jazz, western classical and traditional Chinese music. All our tunes are specially arranged to bring out the essence of the song and the best of each instrument.

Are we suitable for your event?

If you are looking for a music performance that is unique, classy and different, then yes! Perfect for weddings, dinner and dances, corporate dinners as well as cocktail receptions.

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