Sophie Gay has been learning the Guzheng since she was 5 under Ms Xu Wen Jing. In 2000 she joined the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School of Young Talents (NAFA) and has since been under the tutelage of Guzheng master Mdm Yin Qun.

She has won numerous solo and ensemble competitions locally and internationally. In 2008 she won the 1st National Chinese Music Competition Guzheng Open Category, being the youngest winner to win the award in that year. In 2011 she was awarded the Silver Award in the 2nd International Zheng Competition Hong Kong Youth Professional Category. In 2012 she received the Gold Award in the 31st Harbin “Tong Yan Cup” International Guzheng Competition Professional Category; the festival is a biannual competition and is one of the three greatest music events in China.

Sophie has a wide ranging performance repertoire as well, having taken part in performances for the Singapore Quality Awards, President’s Star Charity Concert and CLAP! Arts Outreach Programmes.

Sophie graduated with a Diploma in Guzheng performance from NAFA in 2012. She has since graduated with First Class honours from the Bachelors of Music (Hons) course at NAFA.

Watch Sophie in action playing the Guzheng

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