Looking for the most suitable sound system for an event? Eason Music Enterprises has got you covered with our myriad of affordable sound systems for rent. Our sound systems cover a wide variety of functions, from solo singers, instrumental ensembles, to even mid-size orchestras. Musicians and event organisers can pick a sound system to suit their venue and audio needs.

Live audio recording services can also be provided for you to capture every harmonies and melodies. Our sound systems are easy to set up and require no professional knowledge to operate.

Always seeking ways to better ourselves, we are also constantly looking out and learning about upcoming sound systems, always staying on the forefront of audio solutions.

We have grouped some common sound equipments together into packages for your ease of choosing!

A standard package ($400) includes the following equipments: 1 X 12 channel mixing console 2 X 15” Mackie active loudspeakers 1 X CD player (background music available on request) 2 X professional wireless microphone (comes with stands) This is a 3 hours rental package, includes set-up, dismantle, necessary cables and accessories

Additional services: Technician on standby: +$50 Stereo recording (Full Event): +$50

If you need any additional pieces of equipment for your sound system, do let us know and we will include them in as well.

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