Sow Yoke Yee


SOW YOKE YEE's music journey started with piano at young age. With influence by her close friends in Bukit Panjang Primary School, she got in touch with Chinese Orchestra starting from the percussion section. She then started learning the Yang Qin when she was at age 10 and was under the baton of Mr Wong Chee Kiong and the late Mr Ng Khim Poh. With great enthusiasm and love for Chinese Orchestra, Yoke Yee went on to Swiss Cottage Secondary School and joined the Chinese Orchestra where she was under the baton of Mr Lee Heng Quee and the guidance of Mr Yeo Siew Mong from 2009 to 2011; under the baton of Mr Low Cher Yong and the guidance of Mr Du Xiang Peng.

Yoke Yee carried on her music education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art where she studied under Ms Qu Jian Qing and got her Diploma in Music (Major in Yang qin) in 2015. During the course of her studies, she was actively involved in various performances and concerts. As Yoke Yee was not only interested in Chinese traditional instrumental music but Western and other forms of music as well. (Classical, Musicals, Opera, Ballet, pop music of various language which includes Chinese and Japanese)

Sow Yoke Yee is currently a Bachelor Degree student in Singapore Raffles Music College under the guidance of Mr Wei Yan Ming.

While pursuing her degree, Yoke yee is actively teaching in MOE school CCA and private setting. She is an instructor for various Primary and Secondary School for both Chinese Orchestra and Choir. Yoke Yee currently teaches various instruments which includes: Yang Qin, Percussion and Piano.

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