9 April 2020
9 April 2020,

We recently started trying out Facebook Live and Instagram Live sessions.

The format of Live sessions goes like this: We first have a chit chat about current happenings, followed by an introduction of some of our products and we end off with a short performance.

For our 3rd session, we sat down and had a small chat about the current Covid-19 situation affecting local Chinese music community.

We observed that many ensembles and orchestra has turned to having live performances on social media instead of outright cancelling the show.

We thought this is a good alternative but the programming of such events need to be tip top, otherwise viewers can easily switch to something else with a flick of the thumb.

For our second segment, we then introduced two of our latest Guzheng collections at Eason Music.

First is our Jiayue Canvas Guzheng Bag with Rollers. It is a high grade Guzheng bag with solid exterior and a thick inner padding to protect your precious Guzheng.

It comes with rollers / wheels at the bottom of the Guzheng bag, which allows you to pull it along like a travel luggage.

No more hassle in bringing your Guzheng around town.!

It comes in 3 different colors – blue, red and white!

The next item we introduced is the Portable Guzheng.

Visually we can see that it is definitely smaller in size than the standard Guzheng. It measures just 100cm!

Compared to the original 165cm size standard Guzheng, this is definitely more travel and storage friendly.

The remarkable thing is that for its size, the sound and tone of the portable Guzheng is comparable to the standard one. 

This is because we have looked high and low for a portable Guzheng and finally found this model where the sound and tone of the Guzheng is not being compromised due to its size. 

The only drawback is that the bass notes are relatively weaker compared to a standard size Guzheng, which is understandable due to the smaller soundbox.

Also, the bass notes has little space for pressing of strings, so you need to take note of that if some songs required advanced techniques in the bass area.

Other that, this portable / mini Guzheng is a gem. It also comes with a cute little bag.

For more information, please click here to visit our webstore, or visit our physical shop to try it out yourself.

And our live session finished off with a fabulous performance on the portable Guzheng by our Guzheng instructor Yayi.

Yayi showcasing an authetic Guzheng piece on the mini Guzheng

We have trimmed the session and posted it on youtube. Watch below if you have missed our Live! #3.

Otherwise, catch us every Friday 5pm on our Facebook or Instagram!

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