31 March 2016

Chinese Instruments Moving Out Sale!

31 March 2016,

If you are in Singapore, you would have heard about our current premises at Rochor Centre having to make way for some Malaysian highway. […]

8 March 2016

Skype online Lessons for Chinese Music Instruments

8 March 2016,

We have been mulling over offering Skype online lessons for the longest time. We sell a lot of Chinese music instruments overseas to countries […]

22 January 2016

Erhu: A Closer Look At The Maker Hu Han Rou

22 January 2016,

When it comes to erhu makers, most people have no clue about the differences between them: Who is Hu Han Rou? What are Yu […]

18 November 2015

Choosing an Erhu Bow

18 November 2015,

The bow is a very important part of the Erhu. A good bow improves the tone of your Erhu and brings out the best […]

4 November 2015

Suzhou Erhus from MMK

4 November 2015,

Suzhou Erhu maker MMK and us go back a long way. We met him quite a few years ago in Shanghai together with Erhu […]