8 August 2014

5 Reasons to Learn Chinese Erhu

8 August 2014,

The Chinese Erhu is one of the most popular Chinese musical instruments. Not only has it captured the hearts of Chinese all over the […]

22 July 2014

5 Reasons NOT to Learn the Chinese Pipa

22 July 2014,

The Chinese pipa is such a mystical and alluring musical instrument. If you are thinking of picking it up, here’s are 5 points you […]

18 July 2014

5 Reasons to Learn to Play Chinese Pipa

18 July 2014,

If you are thinking of learning that mystical and alluring Chinese musical instrument called the Chinese pipa, here’s 5 reasons why you should: 1. […]

5 July 2014

Who is Eason Music?

5 July 2014,

One of the issues about buying things online, is that sometimes you do not know who you are dealing with and if that company […]

26 June 2014

How to take apart your Erhu

26 June 2014,

Following our previous blogspot on Erhu and their baseplates, we have done a video to show you how to disassemble your erhu. Under normal […]